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"Jaded is unlike anything I've conjured up before. I'm giving you my insecurities, vulnerabilities and humorously awkward love life in ten songs. The fact that I've produced, written, recorded, mixed and engineered 100% of this project really makes me that much more excited to show the planet what I can do. This is my most relatable, feeling-inducing work yet."


- Bria The Artist, 2021

Bria The Artist's second multi-track project, Jaded, is LIVE! The album includes artful story-telling in the form of lo-fi, neo-soul, and Atlanta bass. Providing a glimpse into the mind of a Bri-dimensional, BTA also plans to release a short film to accompany the album's ten tracks in the latter part of 2021.


💿 The Sound

If you've never heard of a "Bri-dimensional" (1) experience before today, get ready for a transcendental ride. The album includes artful story-telling in a combination of lo-fi, neo-soul, and a hint of nostalgia with that classic Atlanta bass sound. If that wasn't enough, she's also incorporated jazz and rock nuances into her eclectic sound with her uses of upright bass and electric guitar.


Like her first album, Moon Swings (2019), BTA uses vocal layering and carefully curated musical influences which is sure to put a stamp on her signature soulful sound. When writing and producing Jaded, Bria The Artist was inspired by artists like Missy Elliott, Beyoncé, D'Angelo, Brent Faiyaz, Roy Ayers and Solange (just to name a few). 

👁 The Visual

Providing a glimpse into the mind of a Bri-dimensional, BTA also plans to release a short film to accompany the album's nine tracks in the latter part of 2021.


"As an ode to the history of my actual love life (or lack thereof), the plot follows the story of a 'lonely space vixen' who crashes into earth on her spaceship, falls in love, falls into heartbreak and returns to her home planet utterly jaded. There's a lot of juicy stuff in between, but you'll have to wait for the film to see it!"


a lil sneaky peaky👀

In her most recent interview with 4$ide (IG @thefoursidecompany), a news and media company that promotes rising Westchester artists, Bria The Artist shared a sneak peak of "Infiltration", the 7th track on the album. What's more, if you stay 'til the end of the interview, another treat is in store with a snippet of the album's 5th track, "My Type". 

Click the image to catch the full interview!


(1) Bri-Dimensional


/brē/ /dəˈmen(t)SH(ə)nəl/


adjective: bri-dimensional


  1. Having multiple layers of character, emotion, personality, talent, gifts, thoughts or ideas.

  2. Of or relating to a person who will not be limited to a box/category. One whose authentic self transcends others’ expectations of them




  1. Bria The Artist or fan/supporter of Bria The Artist

  2. An artistic soul with no creative boundaries

See also: Bria The Artist

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