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& Chill

Listen to Bria The Artist's latest single, "Quarantine & Chill" now by clicking one of the icons below, OR search the song in any of your favorite music streaming platforms.

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Produced, written AND mixed by Bria The Artist,"Quarantine & Chill" is the perfect song for your lounge or quarantine playlist (and it doesn't stop there).


In contrast to her last single. "Call Me", which The Artist released in June 2020, she was particular producing a smoother, soulful listen with sprinkles of funk and bounce for our quarantined listening pleasure. 

The single began generating buzz when Bria began producing the beat on Instagram Live one day in June 2020. After her followers responded well to the sound in progress, she began planning for its release. Unfortunately given its time-reflective title and lyrics, Bria was unsure of the proper timing of the release. Six months later, Covid is still here and quarantining for the safety of ourselves and others is still a thing. Subsequently, "Quarantine & Chill" was revealed to the world.

Thank God we've got something of quality to fill our ears with while we snack on everything in the fridge!

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