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Booking/General Inquiries

Looking to book Bria The Artist for a show or event? Have inquiries regarding art, music, poetry or any other aspect of the Bri-dimensional realms? Want to leave a comment or suggestion?
Fill in the form below for our booking manager, Valerie Eaton, with as many details as possible. Our booking manager will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks! Beam sent.

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Donate Using Patreon

*Note: Patreon is a separate platform. By clicking the link, you will be taken to another site.


"I'd like to preface this by saying thank you to ALL those who have supported me as an artist throughout the years and especially through the COVID-19 pandemic. Your support helps fund the passion, creativity and material behind all that is Bria The Artist.


Now, as a more organized way to give and receive, I took to Patreon. Here, people like you who would like to support artists like me on a more consistent basis will have the opportunity to do so by choosing a monthly plan ("tier").


Don't get it twisted, though: you'll be reaping some pretty sweet benefits from it!"

- Bria The Artist


All you have to do is click this link, select your preferred membership tier and voila! Now you will be able to receive exclusive Bri-dimensional things like merch, music, early releases and more. 

How else can I donate?

There are two more available ways to donate to Bria The Artist: Cash App or Zelle. Click the Cash App link below or copy the Zelle address to send your donation today. 

Which would you like to use?


Cash App




Support Bria The Artist

Here at the BTA team, we cherish and appreciate each and every person who finds it in their hearts to donate to independent artists all over. Artist fans and supporters are arguably the most important part of an artist's career. 

Recording equipment, transportation, live bands & backup singers, mixing and mastering, videographers/photographers, music publishing, copyrights, art supplies and canvases... all just a small fraction of expenses that come out of pocket for an independent artist (which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars). This is why your donations are so important to us. It not only shows that you believe in Bria as much as we do, but it tells us that the appreciation for art is still very much alive. 

Your support helps fund the passion, creativity and material behind all that is Bri-dimensional. 

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