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/brē/ /dəˈmen(t)SH(ə)nəl/


adjective: bri-dimensional


  1. Defined by multifaceted layers of character, emotion, talent, and ideas, reflecting rich complexity and depth.

  2. Pertaining to individuals who defy categorization, embodying their authentic selves beyond societal expectations and conventional limitations.




  1. Bria The Artist or fan/supporter of Bria The Artist

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Bria The Artist, a multifaceted force hailing from Westchester, NY, isn't just a singer/songwriter – she's a sonic architect, a visual virtuoso, and a poetic powerhouse. Her musical journey started in the lively choir of her Peekskill, NY church, where she learned to infuse her art with spiritual essence.

Venturing into the vibrant world of HBCU, Lincoln University, as a Visual Arts major, Bria's artistic evolution took flight. Armed with self-taught keys skills, she graced campus showcases, unveiling her talents as a performer. It was during her sophomore year that she boldly stepped into the spotlight, publicly crafting and producing her own music.

Bria's sonic signature propels neo-soul into the future, a musical alchemist blending jazzy vibes with nostalgic hip-hop sounds. In 2017, she dropped her inaugural single, "T.R.E.E.S. (To Reach Every Existing Seed)," setting the stage for a remarkable journey. The unveiling of her first short album, "Moon Swings," in 2019, showcased her unparalleled skills – all recorded and produced ON HER PHONE! Collaborating with the likes of Nicole Henry, DJ Gomi, and Richie Goods, Bria crafts a genre-defying experience.

Influenced by legends like Erykah Badu, D'angelo, and Andre 3000, with a nod to Timbaland and Missy Elliott's production genius, Bria isn't afraid to push boundaries. Unconventional instruments like the Japanese koto and the flute find a home in her soulful, nostalgic, and dynamically "vibeful" music.

Bria's journey transcends stages at iconic venues – from the legendary SOB's NYC to The Hideout in Toronto and Hi Five in Dubai, UAE, following a whirlwind 12-city promotional tour. Her interviews with iHeartMedia, FUBU Radio, SWB Radio, DTF Radio (The Fix Show), and Style N Soul Magazine echo her commitment to creating a transcendent listening experience, painting other-worldly imagery for audiences around the globe. Bria The Artist isn't just an artist; she's a phenomenon, and her music is an invitation to a cosmic voyage of sound and emotion.

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Get ready for a thrilling twist in Bria The Artist's story! Ne-Yo, the Grammy Award-winning artist, reached out to our Bri-dimensional queen after she reposted his indie artist promotion on Instagram. On May 25th, 2021, Bria shared a snippet of their conversation where Ne-Yo expressed his plan to add her music to his personal SoundCloud playlist. Fast forward, and now two of Bria's 2021 singles have snagged a spot on Ne-Yo's exclusive "The Burning Playlist Volume 2 Presented by Ne-Yo." Dive into the links below to experience the electric synergy between Bria The Artist and Ne-Yo – it's a musical journey you won't want to miss! And don't forget to catch the latest version of "People Fall In Love In Heaven", featuring the voice of Ne-Yo himself!


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People Fall In Love In Heaven (Hosted by Ne-Yo)Bria The Artist
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Since 2017, Bria The Artist has unveiled numerous releases, showcasing her albums Moon Swings (2019) and Jaded (2021), with a catalog that spans over twenty published songs. In 2019, she independently released the single "Call Me," drawing inspiration from those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The track caught the interest of global DJs, ultimately making its way to club scenes and resonating with house music enthusiasts worldwide. 


What's more, In 2021, The Artist caught the attention of Grammy Award-winning artist, Ne-Yo, with the release of her ballad for lonely lovers titled, "People Fall In Love In Heaven." Since then, she has been privileged to see two of her independently produced singles, namely "People Fall In Love In Heaven" and "Quarantine & Chill," included in his personally curated playlists.

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Most recently, Bria The Artist once again returned to  interview with  96.1 Kiss FM as well as FUBU Radio to promote her latest album, Jaded. Take a listen below.

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Bria The Artist - People Fall in Love in Heaven (Hosted by Ne-Yo) Official Lyric Video
Bria The Artist

Bria The Artist - People Fall in Love in Heaven (Hosted by Ne-Yo) Official Lyric Video

Bria The Artist - People Fall in Love in Heaven (Hosted by Ne-Yo) Official Lyric Video

Valentine’s Day | A Bri-Dimensional Virtual Concert Series (BVCS)

Bria The Artist - Honey (Official Music Video)

Bria The Artist Covers “On & On” by Erykah Badu


"With the tendency to resurface, the ambiguity of the 'Black' person’s hankering for self-awareness seems to make its way through contemporary aesthetics in every form of art. My goal is to explore the emotional and spiritual link between Black people and their nostalgic experiences (big or small)."


- Bria K. Waterman

Bria Kashay Waterman (BLACK)

Meet Bria K. Waterman, born September 24, 1993, a dynamic painter and sketch artist thriving in Westchester, NY. Her artistic focus delves into the evolution, consciousness, and essence of Black culture, intertwining it with her personal narrative. Working primarily with acrylic paint, Bria skillfully captures the nurturing spirit of the "Afrikan wombman," the wisdom of the man, and the ever-growing spirit of the child.


Her canvas tells a tale of curvaceous Black womanhood, symbolized by gold paint echoing African history in royalty, wisdom, and courage. Earth tones and hues represent people of color and their connection to nature, while black and white paintings intricately depict African heritage through hairstyles and facial features.

Bria's artistic journey began early, recognized by her parents and siblings, evolving into a four-year Visual Arts major at Lincoln University, PA. Departing to pursue entrepreneurship in the art world, Bria The Artist is on a mission to redefine her craft. Her mantra: "You can’t teach the heart how to beat." Through online showcases and exhibitions in New York, she passionately advocates for authenticity in every artistic endeavor. Join Bria on this captivating journey where art, culture, and identity collide.