It's been a long wait since Jaded, but the next Bria The Artist single is coming soon— we mean like next month, soon!


"Cocoa" is the latest and greatest single yet again produced by our original Bri-Dimensional queen. According to our focus group, the single is giving serious 90's/early 2000's vibes while also making it stand out in the best way. With asian-inspired ear flavors and Mya-esque flow, this one just might be the song of the summer! But wait... something's different about this one...


We have a feature! I repeat: we have a feature! "Cocoa" wouldn't be complete without a verse from one of the hottest artists out of Westchester, NY right now. We're talking about Big Mont.

Big Mont Photo 3.png

"Mont and I have worked together in the past, but this right here is something that's been a long time coming. He puts heat on everything he does and I'm so excited for everyone to hear this well-curated flow we've got going with this song!"

— Bria The Artist, June 2022

Chrome Letters Wonky Visuals.png

It's no surprise that Bria's been conjuring some visuals to go with the single— after all, it is a pretty catchy song. To make it happen, though, we need the help of you millennials out there who like to have fun on the beach 😉. 


More details about "Cocoa" and its visuals will be found in the next season of The DS: Dirty Soap Magazine.