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[...] One of my favorite up and coming artists/producers.

— DJ Trase


Bria's music is so soulful; love seeing her perform live. One word to describe it: ENERGY.

— EJ the DJ, FUBU Radio


 If you go through all of her music, you'll understand why she has 'The Artist' at the end of her name. [...] You are a true artist from outer space

— Lucynthia, Hip Hop With Lu

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Bria The Artist is a singer/songwriter, producer, painter, sketch artist and poet based in Westchester, NY. Gaining her musical start in her Peekskill, NY church choir, Bria understood the value of putting her spiritual essence into her art. A few years before expanding that into the diverse brand we see today, she attended first HBCU, Lincoln University, as a Visual Arts major where she taught herself to play keys and began performing in campus showcases and talent shows. It was during her sophomore year when she began publicly writing and producing her own music.


With a sound that brings neo-soul into the future, Bria has since written a handful of songs including her first single, “T.R.E.E.S. (To Reach Every Existing Seed)” in October, 2017. In 2019 The Artist released her first short album titled Moon Swings, of which she recorded and produced the majority... ON HER PHONE! She displays her producing and vocal arrangement skills with a unique blend of neo-soul, jazzy and nostalgic hip hop sounds. Bria has also written music alongside Soul Train Award-winning jazz vocalist Nicole Henry and internationally acclaimed producer/songwriter DJ Gomi. The Artist has also recorded and worked closely with international jazz musician Richie Goods. As a millennial woman who produces and creates her own beats, Bria’s style of writing and singing is heavily influenced by Erykah Badu, D’angelo, and Andre 3000 with producer influences such as Timbaland and Missy Elliott. Often using unconventional instruments and sounds in her music like the Japanese koto or the flute, her sound is described by listeners as soulful, nostalgic, dynamic and easy to “vibe” to; Bria’s music is truly a genre of its own.

Bria The Artist has performed various shows at notable venues including, but not limited to the legendary SOB’s NYC, The Hideout (Toronto), and Hi Five (Dubai, UAE) after embarking on a 12-city promotional tour. Having done interviews with iHeartMedia, FUBU Radio, SWB Radio, DTF Radio (The Fix Show) and Style N Soul Magazine, Bria The Artist aims to create a listening experience that invokes other-worldly imagery for listeners around the globe.

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Valerie C. Eaton


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Looking for something cool to do after work? Well you're in luck! On Wednesday June 16th, Bria The Artist will perform LIVE at Nostrand Social 706 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11216. Grab a friend and a drink, sit back, relax and enjoy an evening of good vibes. (click below for venue details and menu.

Bria The Artist People Fall In Love In Heaven (Cover Art)


SAY WHAAATTTTT!? You heard right!

Since the release of "People Fall In Love In Heaven" in February 2021, Bria The Artist has been working hard to push the song to big names and trained ears. Well, on March 20th she received a DM that would change everything.

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Welcome to 'The Rainbow Kit: A Bri-dimesnional Experience". The Rainbow Kit is a limited series where each episode is just one minute long and features Bria The Artist, producing new beats straight from her spaceship. Click below to find out what this week's color is!



Bria The Artist's second multi-track project is set to release in the summer of 2021. Click below to get the inside scoop.